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Experience riding on Aanansi’s all terrain vehicles through St. Lucia’s most beautiful, lush and mountainous plantations. Amazing views, historic areas and there’s the breath taking, sublime panoramic view of the Atlantic on our North East coast.


 A Waiver of All Claims, Release from Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement, must be signed before tour participation.

*Under 18 years of age must have their legal guardian/parent sign a the Waiver.

Helmets must be worn at all times on the bikes.

No drinking, smoking or drug use at any time.

*In the event you show up under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol you will NOT be permitted to ride and you WILL be charged the FULL amount of the tour. No Refunds*

No overtaking of the bikes, also no tricks at any time for your safety and other riders.


A person suffering with back problem, or reduced mobility or is pregnant or has heart and or respiratory problems should not participate in the tour.

You should wear something comfortable. Long pants are preferred shorts and sneakers are acceptable. We request you do not wear open toed shoes. No flip-flops permitted.

Weight restrictions-for riders on a shared bike, total weight cannot exceed 400 pounds.

General Information

Must be 16 or older to drive an ATV Quad.

Children under 8 years old are not allowed on the tours.

*Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tours are guided by our professional, knowledgeable guides. There is always a front guide, leading the tour group, and a back guide.

Groups are comprised of people with various skill and riding abilities. The tour guides will assess the speed that is best and safest for the tour group

Possible based on weather conditions, ATVs are open vehicles and riders are exposed to the elements. Aanansi ATV trails are dirt trails so on dry days, trails will be dusty and when it is raining, trails will be muddy. It is not uncommon to get some dirt on tour! Much of it depends on how fast you are driving, whether you are leaving a large enough distance between yourself and the ATV in front of you, if you are driving through the puddles. You will not have to walk away from the tour covered in mud, but if you want to, it is possible!

Riders must keep a minimum distance of 2 yards/meters from the bike immediately in front of them.

No experience is necessary to use the ATVs on our tours. Every rider must go through a safety course that mimics some of the trail conditions before heading out to the trails. If you are feeling uncomfortable with your ATV during the pre-trail training time, simply alert the guides.

Yes, small point-and-shoot cameras/cell phones are allowed. We recommended that larger cameras are worn and covered with a jacket/shirt.

Yes, you can wear a backpack. Be aware that bags may become dusty on the trail. We recommend that you only bring what you need and leave the rest of your belongings in your hotel room.